We are Vajra Jewels, and we are bringing diamonds back in vogue!

Diamonds have always been considered to be an article of novelty. Something, which if you own one, signifies a higher standing in the society in terms of prosperity and taste for the finer things in life. Earlier, kings, queens and their princesses preferred adorning themselves with the most brilliant diamonds and jewellery made with precious stones, for it made them stand out of the common and basic. And as a result, diamonds have developed this image of being something that you can attain only after you reach a certain stage in terms of wealth and prosperity. But we wonder, why this demarcation? Anyone who wishes to look beautiful and has the means to achieve it, must not be devoid of this novelty that is diamonds. And to break the notion, we are here to bring diamonds back into vogue!

We are Vajra Jewels, an Ahmedabad-based 16-year-old diamond jewellery brand, creating and selling elegant diamond jewellery. For over a decade, our beautiful creations of real diamond jewellery have been adorning the gala showrooms of major jewellery houses of Ahmedabad and various other cities of Gujarat. There is a fair chance, that the beautiful solitaire or elegant diamond necklace you saw at your family jeweller’s store and you have been yearning for, has been created in our ateliers by our master craftsmen, numbering a little over hundred. But now, we’ve begun to take a different route. Over the years, we’ve noticed a change in the taste of jewellery among people, especially the younger generation. A popular lifestyle magazine once said that millennials have killed the diamond market. But we would like to say, that Generation Z thinks differently.

Noticing this change, we at Vajra Jewels have decided to step into the retail market of diamond jewellery too. Since 2019, we have thrown open the doors of our Navrangpura Road boutique for discerning jewellery lovers of all ages, to visit us, explore and purchase from our wide range of real diamond jewellery; from small pendants and rings, to elaborate necklace sets made with diamonds, original pearls and various precious stones. The designs you see at Vajra Jewels are a beautiful harmony of modern, elegant and timeless designs. Our patrons range from young working professionals to family patriarchs/matriarchs.

When you own a piece of jewellery from Vajra Jewels, you aren’t simply purchasing diamonds. Our experts educate you about the cut, colour and clarity of the diamonds in your ring or necklace, they guide you in picking the right choice of metal, like yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, and even the right size of diamonds to suit your face cut and skin tone.

With Vajra, novelty and beauty are not out of bound for anyone. Looking to wear a lightweight yet trendy pair of earrings to work every day? We have it. Wish to look your glamorous best wearing diamonds at your sister’s wedding? We have it. Want to surprise your love with something that tells her how precious she is? We have it.

Planning to get yourself something precious, why not diamonds?

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