Atarangi by Vajra Jewels: Everything you need to know about our newly launched, premium jewellery collection

Since our inception 16 years ago, the name Vajra Jewels has been synonymous with sophistication and stunning beauty in diamond jewellery among discerning jewellery lovers. Our clients have always sworn by the quality of our diamonds and the uniqueness of our jewellery designs made by our master craftsmen. Hence, when we were thinking of coming up with something new this time, it was tough, as we had to set new benchmarks in diamond jewellery.

In March 2020, we launched one of our most premium creations, ATARANGI. And just like its name, this new collection was a standout creation from rest of the diamond jewellery that is available in the market. It was made for those women, who love wear their elegance with a dash of spunk.

Our designers, artistes and craftsmen went through many long sessions of trial and error before we finalised on the design. Because the tagline of this collection was to be “Ananya, Anokhi, Adbhut” which means Exclusive, Amazing &Unique, we had to create something that was never seen before in any of the stores and showrooms of this city.

And who else but mother nature to take inspiration from, who never ceases to surprise us with its varied forms of beauty every day. We sourced the finest of natural diamonds, with most brilliant cuts, we picked among the most precious gemstones and elegant pearls to create this collection, like a beautiful symphony.

Now, to tell the world, we picked the most colourful and celebratory days in India, HOLI. As everyone welcomed spring with the brightest colours and sweetest treats, we announced to the world the name of our newest creation. What followed was numerous messages and enquires from our clients and jewellery lovers wanting to know what we were up to and what is Atarangi.

We had got the city talking about our upcoming collection, but nobody knew what it was or how it would look like. And that is when we locked upon the most opportune period and event to showcase to the world what Atarangi really was.

At one of Ahmedabad’s most prestigious business events, We Udaan, a women’s business summit organised by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, we unveiled our newest creation on the eve of Women’s Day, in the presence of hundreds of businesswomen and entrepreneurs from all over the country.

The highlight of the collection was the Pearls and Diamonds Choker Necklace, that was set with the finest diamonds, beautiful gemstones and silky elegant pearls. The intricately carved designs reflected our inspiration from nature, with many beautiful flowers and leaves handcrafted with perfection.

The unveiling was followed by a fashion show, which saw some of the most beautiful women of the city, who are also successful entrepreneurs, adorn themselves on our newest, most premium collection and walk the ramp. Our finest creation was worn flaunted by the showstopper of the event, Mrs. India Globe 2018 DeeptiTitoria.

After a successful launch, we have been inundated with inquiries and visits to our boutique by discerning jewellery lover Amdavadis to not just purchase beautiful diamond jewellery from us, but also to take a peek at our star creation, the Atarangi Collection that is at display.

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