Pearls & Diamonds are a match made in heaven

Diamonds are glamorous, they say, and that pearls are classy. Diamonds signify luxury, while pearls symbolises purity. And when these two rare gifts of nature come together to form an ornament, it would be truly the best of both worlds. Wearing pearls or diamonds individually have always been known to add to your beauty, but wearing them together is what will make you look heavenly. And we are going to tell you a pearls and diamonds jewellery should next on your jewellery checklist.

A Match Made in Heaven!

When the beautiful pearls from the ocean and sparkling bright diamonds are paired together, they form a lavish fashion ornament to will make you stand out from the crowd. The sparkles from the diamonds brings out the calm and rounded beauty of the pearls, while the latter tones down the fieriness of diamonds and complements each other well, like the Ying and Yang.

This is one of the stunning creations from the ateliers of Vajra Jewels

As you can see, we have brought together beautiful off-white and light violet ocean pearls along with miniature yet sparkling diamonds to form a stunning floral pendant on multiple-string pearl necklace.

Totally Low Maintenance…

But will the combination of icy pearls from the depth of the oceans and fiery sparkling diamonds last longer? Our answer to it yes, a big, definite YES!

Because unlike silver and gold jewellery, diamonds and pearls are easy to clean and store. All you need is a soft cloth that is dampened enough to gently wipe it clean and you can place it in your regular jewellery box with suede or velvet lining on the inside.

Even the celebs love it!

It is a well-known fact how popular stars like Sonam Kapoor and Helen Mirren swear by their love for pearl jewellery whenever they walk the red carpet of award shows and movie premieres. Gone are the days of high bling, as stars now love to flaunt something that is subtle yet noticeable.

And what can be subtler than smooth pearls, along with noticeable and eye-catching like real diamonds.

Source: Zimbio

Source: Pinterest of Pearl-Lang

As you can see Sonam here has worn a lovely pairing of Polki Diamonds with elegant off white ocean pearls suspended in the hem for one of her Cannes appearance. And Helen Mirren’s Layered Pearl Necklace, imagine the same with the touch of sparkle from diamonds to it? Our artisans have created something similar and oh it trumps the original hands down.

Goes well with everything, even a bright red Anarkali

And you know what is the best part about having a Pearls and Diamond Jewellery? They go beautifully well with both Indian Ethnic wear like Anarkalis, Lehenga-Cholis, Sarees and even western outfits like evening gowns, dresses, and elegant pantsuits too. Wear a chunky pearls choker with floral diamond motif in the middle with an Indian attire, or tiny pair or diamond earrings with pearls suspended from tassels along with your evening gown.

Easy on eyes, great on the skin

One more reason why we would always suggest you opt for fashionable pearls and diamond jewellery piece over a gold or silver one, is because when you wear any metallic ornament for a long period of time, you can see abrasions and green spots visible on your skin. While wearing pearl strings never causes any harm to the skin. So they are not only easy on the eyes, but good for your skin too.

So the next time you’re looking for something unique, something sparkling and something elegant, you know where to come. Visit our boutique to explore our Pearls and Diamonds collection for her.

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